Storm In A B-Cup

Life, The Universe and Everything: Daily Post Challenge the First

on April 16, 2013

I decided today that it was the day to start a new blog.  I do already have one blog that I’m pretty good about updating – and it’s still pretty new itself actually, but it’s a craft blog about crochet, over at  And while I love crochet and I love that blog, I wanted a place that could be an outlet for…anything else that I want to express.  At natscrochet, I feel limited to posting about my projects and things that are crochet related.  Here, I want to be able to just write.  

Which leads me to the Daily Post Challenge.  I want to write, but I know – I just know that without some sort of a kick, I won’t post very regularly.  So while I might not post every day, I plan to post most days.  The posts might not be long, or particularly scintillating.  But they will get my brain moving, and they will hopefully inspire me to learn something new about myself.  

Today’s prompt for the Daily Post Challenge is “The Million Dollar Question: Why do you blog?”. For me, and I suspect many others, that question has a multitude of answers.  The answer for my first blog is easy – I am learning to crochet and I want to document my journey.  

For this blog, the answer is more complex.  The answer is I want to express, I want to create.  I want to ramble about nothing and not worry about boring anyone.  I want to improve my writing.  I want to do something that is just for me, just for now.  Everything in my life right now feels like it’s for someone else, or for the future.  For the long run.  I am living in my parents’ garage with my husband because we need to save money for our future.  I am studying nursing because I need a job in the future – sadly, not because I have any particular passion for it, rather an interest and a knowledge that it will be a job that I do not hate.  I am working a crappy retail job so that food is on the table.  But this blog can be for me, and no one else.  It can be for this moment, without worrying about the next.  

I suppose maybe I should have started with a simple “Hi, here’s a blog, nothing fancy but it’s me!” kind of light hearted post, but I guess I’m just not in the most light hearted of places right now.  

It’s completely at odds with my blog’s light hearted title, and the tone that I eventually hope to establish.  But it’s where I am at the moment, and I don’t think I can apologise for that.  

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back when the posts are a bit nicer!

Nat xx


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