Storm In A B-Cup


on April 16, 2013

When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a writer.  I’m not sure what I wanted to write, but I know that I wanted to write.  And write I did.  Constantly.  I filled pages, notebooks, binders, with stories and characters and ideas.  As soon as I figured out how to write, I wanted to write.  Stories, atricles, projects for school – even extra projects that weren’t assigned (yeah, I was a nerd), as long as I was putting words on a page I was happy.

As I got older, I wrote less, but still I wrote.  Until one day, I didn’t.  At first I claimed writer’s block.  And then I just thought I was out of ideas.  Only kids had creative ideas for stories, not me.  After that, I had the ideas but nothing that I wrote came out quite how I wanted it to come out, didn’t pour out of my head how I had envisioned the words.  It wasn’t easy any more.  I got frustrated.  So I stopped trying.

But now I’m back.  Not in a big way but in a quiet, unassuming way.  I want to figure out again how to put words together.  I want to practice making them sing.  So I’ll be writing something small, hopefully every day.  It might be my idea, it might come from a Daily Post prompt.  Maybe it will be something I’m thinking about or a story from my day or maybe it will be complete fiction.  I don’t know.  But it will be something.  And that idea excites me more than anything.  I can’t wait to be putting words on a page again.


One response to “Writing

  1. myhonestself says:

    I was that kid too! I had every intention of being a writer when I grew up. I started writing stories and series of stories I just knew were destined to be the next greatest hit novel series. And just like you, one day I stopped. I still had ideas I just didn’t write them down. Then the ideas stopped. And then, when I tried, I couldn’t do it any more! It’s been coming back slow and steady, I’m glad you’re back at it as well!!

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