Storm In A B-Cup

Post a Day: Earworm

on April 23, 2013

As a musician, I always have some type of music going around and around and around in my head, and more often than not it’s some unholy combination of a few different songs all competing for my attention.

At the moment, I’ve been listening to a lot of Josh Groban, so I tend to have something of his going through my head.  My most recent “earworm” is “You Are Loved”.  I adore this song, and so does my husband.  I’ve been very lucky to marry a man with similar taste in music to me, and both of us are singers and musicians so we’re always listening to something new.

I connect with this song for a lot of reasons but right now it’s close to home because we’re going through some rough times, financially and emotionally.  T particularly is finding things really hard, being out of work and with us having to live with my parents.  I think he may be going through some depression, though he would never admit to it.  I just hope he knows, when we listen to this song that everything will be ok because we’ll make it be ok.  We always have each other, no matter what else is happening.


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