Storm In A B-Cup


on April 24, 2013

Today, April 25 is an important one for those of us in Australia. Today is ANZAC day. It is a day of remembrance for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It is a solemn day, but also a day of celebration.

Every year, when I was at high school (years 7-12), I would march in our local Anzac day march as a part of the marching band. Yes, I am that much of a nerd. In fact, it was for this reason I learned to play the clarinet. Much, much easier to march with a clarinet than a piano. Without fail, Anzac day tends to be the first really cold day of the year for our area, and usually it is windy. But almost always it manages to stay sunny, or at least not rainy for the duration of the march, which I have always been thankful for.

One of the most lovely traditions, I think, is the dawn service. Held at a completely ungodly hour of the morning, it’s a unique experience and one I think every Australian should have. My husband has been going every year since he was a young teenager as a part of the Australian Army Cadets, and he wouldn’t miss it for the world.

This year it has held more meaning for us, as T is working on an application to the royal Australian navy. He applied once before but was deemed medically unfit for service due to a one off allergic reaction to kiwi fruit. Since he now has testing to prove he is not allergic (blood tests), he is in the process of appealing that decision.

I have to say, I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing. Of course, I’m incredibly proud of T for wanting to serve our country. But in a much more selfish, every day kind of way, it scares me and makes me sad knowing that he’d be away at sea for probably half of every year.

But I am digressing from the point (majorly). Today is about remembering and honouring our fallen. So I would like to leave you with the verse that is traditionally recited on Anzac day.

They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.
Lest we forget.



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