Storm In A B-Cup

Our Wedding

on April 29, 2013

Almost FOUR months ago now, T and I got married.  Most people thought we were crazy for having our wedding at the height of summer, right on top of new year, but it was absolutely beautiful.  Yes, it was hot.  It was HOT.  Especially for someone wearing a gazillion layers of tulle and a veil.  But it was perfect.  We were married in the afternoon at the beautiful St Jude’s church in the Southern Highlands of NSW (Australia), with our reception at Panorama House.  If you’re ever in the Wollongong area, I highly suggest you stop for a lunch there, the views are positively spectacular, out over the ocean – and our reception time meant that we got some daylight, through the sunset and into the night (with the city lights below). SO SO SO pretty!!

Recently we got our proofs from our photographer, Dodie at Expert Photography based in Sydney.  I am in love with our wedding photos.  They are so pretty, I just can’t stop looking at them.  I can’t wait to get some printed (apart from the few on our wall!) and enlarged and all of that.  When we have our own house.  When we have our own house, it will be FILLED with all of these pretty wedding photos.  For now, though, I want to share some with you.  It’s so hard to pick just a few!! Prepare for a HUGE gallery…I couldn’t resist.  Though…I think I did pretty well cutting down to this many from 1200 photos 😀


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