Storm In A B-Cup

(Not So) Strange Bedfellows

on May 2, 2013

Normally, like most married people, I sleep next to my husband every night, and our dog sleeps at the foot of the bed (or if she’s feeling adventurous AND lucky, snuggled up with T or I).  We have lived together since we had been engaged for around a year, and now I find it really really strange and actually uncomfortable to sleep alone.  

That’s where my confession comes in.  When I first went to stay with my grandparents in Sydney (in order to make my commute to uni easier), the timing coincided with 6 months of T and I dating.  And he bought me this GIANT teddy bear.  I kid you not, it is huge.  I adore that bear.  It doesn’t have a name, but I just love it.  When I moved up to Sydney, I had a much much bigger bed than I was used to.  So, the bear slept in the bed with me.  Yes, I just said that the bear slept.  I know.  I am not ashamed to say it, I cuddled a teddy bear that slept in the bed with me.  So there.  

teddy bear

That was ok, when I still slept by myself.  Now, once T and I moved in together, my poor old bear got retired from the bed.  He sits on top of a chest of drawers looking sorry for himself.  So, whenever T has to go away for a night (though it’s rare), my bear gets bumped back up to the bed.  I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I love cuddling my teddy bear.  It’s comforting, in a way.  Even though T may be away, I’m not alone, and I think that because he gave it to me I’ve always associated it with closeness to him.

The NaBloPoMo daily prompt for today asks “do you still sleep with a stuffed animal now?” and while my immediate response is no, I sleep beside my husband, the real answer is: not unless I’m in need of some extra comfort.  That’s where my much loved giant teddy bear comes in.  And I’m super thankful for him.

Do you have a secret stuffed toy that sleeps with you when your partner is away?  Or a not so secret one that sleeps with you all the time?


2 responses to “(Not So) Strange Bedfellows

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  2. steve says:

    I use to have a teddy identical to this when i was younger, and I have hunted everywhere for another one.
    could you please tell me where you bought him? or if there is a label saying who made him?
    any help in tracking down my lost friend would be so great.
    thank you

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