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5 Things That Are Making Me Happy Today

on May 7, 2013

Things haven’t been great for the hubby and I lately – it seems that we are just out of luck, especially financially.  So, prompted by the “glass half empty/half full” daily post prompt, I have decided that it is time to make a point on focussing on the positive rather than the negative.  This post, which I hope to do a few times a week (or more realistically, probably once a week) is intended to make me find the positives in life. So here goes:

1. Our financial position is slowly but surely improving, to the point where we can start looking for a house to rent.

2. On the same note, we think we have FOUND a house that is reasonably priced, in a good location and most importantly that will let us have our dog with us.  Now we just have to apply and cross our fingers (and PRAY!)

3. My clothes are starting to fit me better, which means I must be losing weight (I’m too scared to get on the scales!)

4. T might just have a new job on the horizon (within a couple of weeks) but in the meantime our government financial assistance has FINALLY kicked in

5. My camera is working again, which means I can spend some time learning to take good photos.


What’s making you happy today? 


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