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Playing Catch Up with NaBloPoMo

on May 9, 2013

I’ve been really really slack with keeping up with NaBloPoMo so far, so today I’m going to catch up the last few days’ posts, all in one post.

What is your biggest comfort food?  Share the recipe if you have one.

My biggest comfort food is anything chocolate – really.  But especially my mum’s caramel slice, something she always made around Christmas and birthdays.  And other h0liday times.  I guess it’s a comfort food because it reminds me of good times and happy memories. I’ve never tried to make it myself, and I don’t have mum’s exact recipe, but this link is to a recipe that looks very similar.  When I was a kid, that slice made my world go round.  Only kind of kidding.

What makes you reach for comfort food?

Unfortunately for me, this is a loaded question.  I have a terrible relationship with food.  One I am trying to fix because my weight is out of control (but coming back under control, slowly).  For a while there, almost anything could make me reach for comfort food and indulge in a veritable binge.  Sad? Comfort food.  Happy? Celebratory comfort food.  Stressed? More comfort food.  Bored?  Better eat some comfort food.  I think it had something to do with a phase of depression I was going through, and just kind of escalated from there.  Luckily, I’m doing a lot better now, and I try not to reach for the comfort food.  Instead, I try to redirect.  I read, or play the piano, play a game, write a blog post.  Anything that isn’t eating, because I don’t want to slide down that slippery slope again.

Do certain smells make you instantly comfortable?

Yes!  The smell of Jasmine blossoming in the summer takes me back to my grandparents’ place.  The scent of ocean and frangipani flowers to my childhood home.  New carpet takes me back to my favourite school teacher and my kindergarten classroom, and the smell of car oil and grease to my Granddad’s workshop where he tried to teach me about cars and engines and I listened diligently, but without comprehension (or real interest).  Smells are entwined with memories, and it is always nice to go back to a place that might be long gone, or missed.

What song do you play to bring yourself comfort?

There is really nothing specific that I listen to for comfort, music is much more of a doing thing for me in terms of comfort.  I love to just sit at my piano and lose myself in classical music when I need comfort.  Beethoven is my sanctuary, Chopin my saviour and Bach my best friend.  I can sit and play for hours, and forget the world if I need to.  Music is always there, always constant, and always a release.  An escape.  Can you tell I love music more than life?

What is your biggest comfort food? Smell? Song? 


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