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Daily Prompt: Dulled

on May 20, 2013

Today’s daily prompt question should – theoretically – be a no brainer for me.  The choice of which sense to sharpen, even if it would dull the rest for someone like me, that is, someone with a sensory deficit of one kind or another seems like a simple one.  I have less hearing than the rest of the general population, so why would I not choose to have that sense sharpened to experience “normal” hearing?

My first thought of course was indeed that I would choose the sense of hearing to sharpen.  But then I really thought about it.  If I heard normally, I don’t think I would like it.  I would be completely overwhelmed.  I hear only out of one ear.  To suddenly hear – acutely – noise coming at me from all directions would, quite frankly, be almost scary.  I quite enjoy my silence.  I like being able to sleep on my good ear and not be disturbed.

But I haven’t yet answered the question.  I think whether I sipped this potion or not would depend on whether the effects were permanent or not.  If they were, I really don’t think I would.  I like my senses how they are, thank you very much.  Even were one sense sharpened, the others are too important to the full experience to dull.

If the effects were temporary then I think I would most like to experience a sharpened sense of taste.  I read a book once as a teenager about a girl who (after experiencing a blow to the head) experienced sharpened senses, enhanced to a degree where each was interlaced with the other and new senses awakened.

The book describes especially the sense of taste as something entirely different when enhanced.  Of course, none of us really know what it would be like, but this story would have us believe that it is quite the experience. I think that – as a temporary experience – this might be one of the more enjoyable.  A sharpened sense of touch, smell, sight or hearing each has its drawcard, but I think this would be my pick. If I had to pick.

Would you try a potion that would sharpen one sense, if it would dull the rest? If the effects were temporary? Permanent?

Sorry about what I think is a very garbled, nonsensical post.  If it is any excuse, I am very very tired (it’s late at night here!), and back to uni tomorrow.  I hope it’s semi-coherent.

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Nat xx


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  3. TammyeHoney says:

    That will teach me to do mine late at night also as I did not even read it correctly and comprehend till I read your article. Thank you for sharing.

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