Storm In A B-Cup

A New Addition to this Crazy World of Ours

on May 24, 2013

Last night a close friend of mine had her second baby. He is very healthy at 7lb2oz, super cute, but a little ahead of schedule, at just under 37 weeks. While this is all great, it means that I haven’t had time to finish my last minute present that I started making a couple weeks ago. I figured I had a least another week or two to finish crocheting my blanket, but baby B had other ideas. So I’m rushing to get that finished – especially since the weather’s suddenly turned so cold. All my blogging time today has gone into it and I suppose it probably will for the next couple of days.

But the main point of this post – welcome to the world, baby B, and congrats to mama K, papa A and special big sister E!! Hopefully I’ll have a cutie pie baby picture to share with you all soon :).


3 responses to “A New Addition to this Crazy World of Ours

  1. TammyeHoney says:

    Send Pictures when you finish the blanket, would love to see the finished project. Glad mom and baby are doing well (and daddy too). Thank you for sharing with your readers.

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