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First Finished Crochet Projects

on May 28, 2013

Last night I finished the baby blanket I was making for my friend, and with the left over yarn (which I have much more of than I thought), I decided to try to make a pair of booties.  After a few trial and errors due to the differences between the types of yarn in the US and Australia, I found a combination that worked – for a pattern that called for 4ply baby yarn and a 4.5mm hook, I used 8ply yarn and a 5.5mm hook.  I think they came out at about the right size.  I don’t really know – I don’t spend enough time around babies to be sure, but I think they’re pretty close.

For the blanket, I pretty much just made a giant solid granny square, and then made up a “wavy” edge to finish it off.


For the booties I used this pattern that I found on Ravelry.  It’s easy and quick to work up, which is perfect for me!!

booties 1booties 2

The pictures came out a little blurry – I took them late at night, maybe the light was wrong?  Oh well, either way, there are pictures and I’m VERY proud especially of my first ever pair of booties.




4 responses to “First Finished Crochet Projects

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  2. Anne Marie says:

    Very pretty. Did you turn the work at all to keep it straight or does it not warp like the traditional granny squares (I’ve only ever done these solid squares in about 5 rows maximum.

    • nat says:

      I didn’t turn it, and I think it did warp a little, unfortunately (this was some time ago, so I can’t remember exactly). If it did warp, it was only minor!

  3. Anne Marie says:

    Sorry I’m just adding this so I can get notified.

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