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5 Things That Are Making Me Happy Today #3

I think this is the third time I’ve made a “Things That Are Making Me Happy” post.  I think.  I’ve been pretty slack on the blogging front lately.  I’d like to blame it on something concrete, but the fact is there isn’t any one thing stopping me from blogging.  Or anything at all really.  I could say I’ve been busy with uni and exams (truthfully, I should be but am one of the world’s most accomplished procrastinators).  I could say I’ve been working, catching up housework, doing anything productive. But the truth is, I’ve been lazy.  I’ve been crocheting – around work and uni – a lot.  A lot a lot.  Maybe that’s the main reason I haven’t been blogging.  Hubby and I also went on a spur of the moment mini vacation this week, half to celebrate my birthday, half to celebrate 6 months of being married (and hasn’t that flown!!), and half just because.  Yes, that’s three halves.  I don’t care.  I like lots of halves. 

BUT, on with the post.

1. Loving that I have finally branched out of crocheting squares for a blanket into making actual things. Like booties and hats.  It’s awesome.

2. My boss seems to have gotten over her little hissy fit she was having over T ringing work for me when I was throwing up and in no condition to ring myself – since I was throwing up.  Which makes work a much nicer place to be.

3. I finally figured out how to blow dry my hair without it turning into a giant ball of fuzz.  I think this may also be in part due to the fact that it seems to be turning much less curly than it was when I was a teenager.  Strange.  

4. My mum knitted me a jumper for my birthday and it is the most perfect jumper I have ever owned.  I asked for a big, comfy jumper that I could wear with jeans and I got an amazing jumper that fits amazingly, looks quite nice and is all warm and fuzzy and a nice colour.  I love it a lot.  

5. I fit into a pair of jeans that I bought in December for $9, but wouldn’t do up.  And now they’re even a little big.  That’s a BIG happy 🙂


What’s making you happy today?

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Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap

Today’s daily post prompt was such an easy one for me – I am actually on vacation right now! It’s a location that I have only been to once before, and so has T but we have both just fallen in love with it. The snowy mountains here in Australia, specifically around Jindabyne and Thredbo is absolutely breathtaking. We swear we are going to move here one day. There isn’t very much snow here right now as winter hasn’t really hit yet but the views are spectacular, the air is crisp, the atmosphere relaxed and the local lake to die for.
This is just a short post, since I am after all on vacation, but I thought I’d share a couple of photos I’ve taken on my phone. Unfortunately all my “snow” photos, taken further into the mountains are on my camera and I can’t upload them now






And so begins day 2 of NaBloPoMo for June.  Doing better already, see?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 Go back three generations and tell us about where your family lived.

Going back three generations is, I think, going back to my great-grandparents.  Correct me if I’m wrong.  I am very lucky in that I got to know my great grandmother very well, since she only passed away last year.  She was almost 100, and lived a full life up until the last couple of years when she had to go into care to help her deal with her dementia and colostomy bag. But that’s off topic.

My Nanny Moo (so named because of where she lived – so there’s your first hint!) lived up in the country.  That is, more “up in the country” than I already live.  She lived in a little town called Stroud, on a beautiful farm known to all as Maybush.  She kept cows, and lived quietly there with her brother Gig (after her own husband’s passing), until he passed about fifteen years ago (maybe?  My memory is hazy).

Maybush is, to me, a magical place.  It is green and hilly, and full of creeks, waterfalls, dams and bush to explore.  There is a hill where the old house stood, the house that Nanny’s parents lived in called Frog Hollow, and there to this day are the remnants of the house, perfect for a kid (like me, when I went there) to play in.

Nanny’s house is just like the little traditional farm house you might see in a movie, or read about in a book.  It is wooden, and absolutely charming.  The kitchen window overlooks the garden, where vegetables and flowers grow, all mixed together.  The little dining alcove has a window looking out across the paddocks where the cows can be seen grazing.  The living room is centred around a fireplace, no technology to be seen.  The couches are old and squishy and comfortable, and strewn with handmade blankets and cushions.  One bedroom – Nanny’s room – is a mystery to me, except for the beautiful antique dressing table, with all of her various creams and make up neatly arranged on top, and a delicate metal chair, designed like wrought iron but made out of something much softer and prettier with a fluffy seat.  The other bedroom has twin beds, made up to match, each with a crocheted blanket at the foot.

Outside is the one part that was far less than magical to me.  An old fashioned outhouse.  It was not my favourite type of bathroom.  If you had to go at night, you took a flashlight, and hoped that you wouldn’t encounter spiders or snakes or any other wildlife along the way.

But aside from the outhouse, Maybush is one of the most beautiful and enchanting places on earth to me.  Not only for itself, but for the history that it h0lds for my family.


Is there a place that’s special to you and your family?

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Family History and the Skeletons in the Closet

Today marks the start of NaBloPoMo for June.  I swear I’m going to do better this month.  Seriously.  So here’s today’s prompt:

Monday, June 3, 2013
How many generations can you go back in your family?  What do you know about your oldest ancestors?

My family history – my Nanna would have me believe – is a long and interesting one.  Except that I don’t know anything about it, really.  I know that Nanna has researched back many, many generations, but I couldn’t tell you exactly how many.

What she has told me is some of the more…colourful, perhaps?…facts about my family’s past.  An example of this might be that on my Dad’s side, I have an ancestor who was a Duke in England and was sent to the colonies (ie here, Australia) for being a drunk.

I have many different cultures in my heritage.  My mum’s side is German, mostly, and English.  Dad’s side is mostly Scottish, but we also have English, Scandinavian and who knows what else.  My sister is fond of saying that we are vikings, but I’m not so sure about that.

Wow, I really thought I knew more about my family’s past than that, but it seems that I don’t.  Time for a visit with Nanna to learn more about my heritage!

Are there any skeletons in the closet of your family’s history?

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Crochet Owl Hats

My latest obsession is crochet.  It started when I decided to make a baby blanket for a friend, and then made a pair of booties to go with it and then had so much left over yarn that I decided to try a hat.  I have never made a hat before, but I had been seeing those super cute owl beanies all over the internet and knew that I wanted to give it a go.  So I tried.  It came out…interesting.  But I posted a photo on facebook, because I was proud of my efforts.  All of a sudden, I have orders in for at least four more for friends who have kids.

I have found it a bit difficult to make most things from patterns that I have found on the internet because most patterns are written to be made in worsted weight yarn, which I think must be the most common in the US.  Worsted weight is about equivalent to a 12 ply yarn here in Australia, and the most common and definitely the easiest and cheapest to buy here is 8 ply.  So I have found myself reading over patterns – usually a few for the same thing – and then making up my own kind of version.

The hat patterns that I used for inspiration for my owl hats can be found here, here and here. I kind of took bits and pieces from each pattern, and had to add a few increase rows in each hat.

And here are my owl hats:

My very first ever hat.  An interesting effort.

My very first ever hat. An interesting effort.

My second hat (and the only other owl hat I've made so far).  Much happier with this one.

My second hat (and the only other owl hat I’ve made so far). Much happier with this one.

Have you made anything you’re proud of lately? Share a picture or a link! I am always interested in new patterns or ideas if you would like to share!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

This week’s weekly photo challenge is about signs. When I saw it, I immediately thought of a photo T and I took on our first trip away together to a beautiful spot on the NSW coast called Port Stephens. We had a lovely time, and this sign was just too cute to pass by without snapping a photo.

I saw it on the way home from our trip and had to get a photo through the window of the car.  So it’s not a fantastic photo by any means, but it is meaningful to me, so I thought I’d share it with you guys.

ps i love you



Do you have a favourite sign?