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Family History and the Skeletons in the Closet

on June 3, 2013

Today marks the start of NaBloPoMo for June.  I swear I’m going to do better this month.  Seriously.  So here’s today’s prompt:

Monday, June 3, 2013
How many generations can you go back in your family?  What do you know about your oldest ancestors?

My family history – my Nanna would have me believe – is a long and interesting one.  Except that I don’t know anything about it, really.  I know that Nanna has researched back many, many generations, but I couldn’t tell you exactly how many.

What she has told me is some of the more…colourful, perhaps?…facts about my family’s past.  An example of this might be that on my Dad’s side, I have an ancestor who was a Duke in England and was sent to the colonies (ie here, Australia) for being a drunk.

I have many different cultures in my heritage.  My mum’s side is German, mostly, and English.  Dad’s side is mostly Scottish, but we also have English, Scandinavian and who knows what else.  My sister is fond of saying that we are vikings, but I’m not so sure about that.

Wow, I really thought I knew more about my family’s past than that, but it seems that I don’t.  Time for a visit with Nanna to learn more about my heritage!

Are there any skeletons in the closet of your family’s history?


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