Storm In A B-Cup


on June 4, 2013

And so begins day 2 of NaBloPoMo for June.  Doing better already, see?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 Go back three generations and tell us about where your family lived.

Going back three generations is, I think, going back to my great-grandparents.  Correct me if I’m wrong.  I am very lucky in that I got to know my great grandmother very well, since she only passed away last year.  She was almost 100, and lived a full life up until the last couple of years when she had to go into care to help her deal with her dementia and colostomy bag. But that’s off topic.

My Nanny Moo (so named because of where she lived – so there’s your first hint!) lived up in the country.  That is, more “up in the country” than I already live.  She lived in a little town called Stroud, on a beautiful farm known to all as Maybush.  She kept cows, and lived quietly there with her brother Gig (after her own husband’s passing), until he passed about fifteen years ago (maybe?  My memory is hazy).

Maybush is, to me, a magical place.  It is green and hilly, and full of creeks, waterfalls, dams and bush to explore.  There is a hill where the old house stood, the house that Nanny’s parents lived in called Frog Hollow, and there to this day are the remnants of the house, perfect for a kid (like me, when I went there) to play in.

Nanny’s house is just like the little traditional farm house you might see in a movie, or read about in a book.  It is wooden, and absolutely charming.  The kitchen window overlooks the garden, where vegetables and flowers grow, all mixed together.  The little dining alcove has a window looking out across the paddocks where the cows can be seen grazing.  The living room is centred around a fireplace, no technology to be seen.  The couches are old and squishy and comfortable, and strewn with handmade blankets and cushions.  One bedroom – Nanny’s room – is a mystery to me, except for the beautiful antique dressing table, with all of her various creams and make up neatly arranged on top, and a delicate metal chair, designed like wrought iron but made out of something much softer and prettier with a fluffy seat.  The other bedroom has twin beds, made up to match, each with a crocheted blanket at the foot.

Outside is the one part that was far less than magical to me.  An old fashioned outhouse.  It was not my favourite type of bathroom.  If you had to go at night, you took a flashlight, and hoped that you wouldn’t encounter spiders or snakes or any other wildlife along the way.

But aside from the outhouse, Maybush is one of the most beautiful and enchanting places on earth to me.  Not only for itself, but for the history that it h0lds for my family.


Is there a place that’s special to you and your family?


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