Storm In A B-Cup

It’s Been A Long Time

on September 22, 2013

I realized just now just how long it’s been since I made a post. Months. I can’t believe it has actually been months since I wrote a post. So much for “post a day” and all that. I swear I’ll be better.

Life has been crazy, which is the oldest excuse in the book. But it’s so true. T and I finally have a house of our own again, and let me tell you, that is seriously amazing. I love my parents, and I’m truly grateful to them for letting us stay in their garage (my phone just tried to autocorrect that to grave…I have serious concerns about this phone), but holy moly is it nice to have our own space and a real bathroom, and a kitchen, and a bedroom that isn’t in the living room!

We are working like crazy people to try to pay off our debts, of which we have many, and it looks like we will finally have one of the biggest ones GONE by February, at which point we still won’t be able to breathe a sigh of relief but we will be closer, since after that it’s just a personal loan of about $12000 plus a bunch of “small” bills (under $1000) to get rid of. And maybe after that we can focus on finally saving to buy a house. Because renting sucks and outer landlord hates putting any money into the house, which means our screen doors don’t have handles, the fly screens on our windows are torn and our carpets look like someone has poured ink all over them. And I don’t know, maybe they did. Before we lived here. Either way, I’m grateful for the house and the space that is our own.

But I’m back to blogging, baby! Maybe a little sporadically since we can’t get ADSL broadband here, so I’m blogging from my phone (and occasionally my laptop at Uni). But I’m back and I have lots of (probably potentially boring posts in the pipeline!

What’s been happening in your lives for the 2 months-ish I’ve been gone?


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