Storm In A B-Cup

Springtime Is Here

on September 25, 2013

Spring is here. Officially. Undeniably. Spring is one of my favourite times of year. I revel in the sunshine, the warm breeze, the fresh, almost happy smell in the air. It feels like a whole new start for the world, and I just want to live outside and soak it all up forever. I take long walks through our local parks, where the local festival to my area “Tulip Time” is just taking off, and the display is nothing short of spectacular. It is lit beautifully at night time, and during the day, the colours are just as lovely. Each year the display is different, and this year it is spectacular. When I get a chance, I’ll take some photos and put them up, but for now, I have borrowed a few from around the web (and previous years) to give an idea of what it’s like.


The weather is nice enough to take a day trip to the beach or the lake, or have a backyard barbecue. It is seriously perfect.

It is also seriously sneeze-inducing. I am one of those people who is just allergic to everything. Everything, but especially grass. And pollen. And dust. But mostly grass. I always forget that every year I get excited about spring, only to be disappointed by my eyes beginning to stream, my nose turning into a faucet and my lungs closing up until I feel like I can hardly get any air in at all. I live on asthma inhalers and allergy tablets – which I am incredibly grateful for, because they actually mean that I can enjoy the spring time like a (mostly) normal person.

But the thing that gets me down the most is my grass allergy; yes, it makes me sneeze when I go outside/live in an area where there is a lot of different grasses growing tall and flourishing and not being mown and therefore spreading their seeds everytwhere (hint: here), but also, it gives me an awful, itchy RASH. I keep hearing people talk about the feeling of walking barefoot through the grass. And lying on the grass, looking up at the sky, watching the clouds or the stars. And I want to do it. But it just makes me so itchy.

I have a confession. Today, I did it anyway. I walked around my back yard. I felt the grass beneath my feet, and reveled in it. The cool blades wrapping around and between my toes, tickling the soles of my feet. I sat down. I even laid there for a minute or two before it started and I knew I had to get up. The itching is maddening. Thankfully, it’s just on my feet and legs. The blotchy redness is mocking me and I can hardly stop scratching for long enough to write this post.

And you know what the worst part is?

I know I’m going to do it all again. I’ll forget the itching and give in to the lure of the outdoors. When this rash goes away, probably tomorrow, I’ll decide it wasn’t so bad after all, but think to myself that I probably shouldn’t do it again all the same. And then in a few weeks’ time, the sun will be shining, the birds will be singing, the breeze will be just right and all I’ll want to do is go and lie down in the sun and soak it in (while wearing an appropriate amount of sunscreen/hats/etc, already been there, done that with the skin cancer nonsense). And I’ll be too silly to think of the simple solution that I should have thought of all along. Oh picnic blanket, how I wish I had thought of you earlier.


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