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Trying To Conceive Acronyms Demystified

on November 19, 2013

When I said in my last post that I had been doing “a little reading”, I may have been exaggerating. Quite a lot. I am one of those people who totally immerses themselves in something, and one who feels most in control when they know everything they can possibly find out about a topic.

With that said, I can also say that I found myself deep in a part of the internet that has a strong, strong community and what seems like a language of its own. This language seems mostly to consist of strange acronyms, and I spent a long time trying to decipher and learn the proper meanings of many of them. So today I am sharing this list of acronyms with you in the hope that it might help someone like me who feels a bit lost in the online world of trying to conceive. The list is in no particular order, but I have tried to start with the most simple/common acronyms and work my way to the more complex.

TTC: trying to conceive (obvious, but stay with me)

AF: Aunt Flo – in other words, a period.

BD: the Baby Dance, or sex.

TWW: the Two Week Wait, this is the time between ovulation and when your period is due, when you are waiting – to test or for your period to start.

BFP: big fat positive (in relation to a pregnancy test

BFN: big fat negative (also in relation to a pregnancy test)

CD-: cycle day, followed by the number day of a person’s cycle

-DPO: number of days past ovulation. Most women wait at until at least 12DPO to take a pregnancy test, as this is about the earliest in a cycle you can reliably expect a test to be correct.

CM: cervical mucus. Tracking the state of your cervical mucus throughout your cycle can be a good way to help determine when you are most fertile.

EWCM: Egg white cervical mucus. This is considered the most fertile type of cervical mucus, it had much the same consistency of egg white (hence the name), and enables sperm to enter the uterus most easily. Watery cervical mucus is also considered fertile.

POAS: to pee on a stick, or take a urine pregnancy test.

HPT: home pregnancy test

FMU: first morning urine. Many pregnancy tests suggest that testing with FMU will give the most accurate results.

SMU: second morning urine. Many OPKs suggest testing with SMU for best results.

OPKS: Ovulation predictor kit. Test strips that can help to determine when a woman is ovulating based on her LH levels.

LH: Luteinizing hormone. This hormone surges in a woman’s body around (usually within 12-24 hours before) ovulation, and OPKs detect this surge.

FF: Fertility Friend, a website and app that many women use to track their cycle in order to be most aware of their fertility. There are many other apps and websites around, but this seems to be one of the most widely used.

NTNP: Not trying, not preventing

SMEP: sperm meets egg plan, a plan that many swear by for conception. You can read more about it here.

HCG: human chorionic gonadotropin. This is the pregnancy hormone that HPTs read. HCG will steadily increase at the start of pregnancy, and once it reaches a certain level, a urine test will read positive. A small number of women do not metabolize this hormone correctly and so will consistently get negative pregnancy tests, regardless of whether they are actually pregnant or not.

SO: significant other. Also DH (dear husband), DW (dear wife), DD (dear daughter), DS (dear son), etc.

MC: Miscarrage

CP: chemical pregnancy. A pregnancy that could be detected using an HPT but which ends before it could be detected by ultrasound etc.

LO: Little one

LP: Luteal phase. The part of your menstrual cycle between ovulation and menstruation – otherwise known as the TWW! Most women, even those with an irregular cycle, will have a LP of a consistent length.

Some acronyms more related to infertility:
RE: reproductive endocrinologist

IVF: in vitro fertilisation

SA: semen analysis

MFI: Male factor infertility

These seem to be some of the more common acronyms that I have come across, let me know if I have missed any glaringly obvious ones and I’ll add them right in 🙂


One response to “Trying To Conceive Acronyms Demystified

  1. I am TTC cycle#5 and just beginning to enter into this strange & abbreviated world, so THANK YOU so much. Extremely helpful.

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