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18 Weeks and This Week is The Week!

So today I am 18 weeks and 2 days pregnant and of course, managed NOT to post every day as I wanted to (I know, BAD blogger!).  But I’m going to press on and this time not make any promises to myself about “posting every day” or any such nonsense.  I love blogging, but as we all know, life tends to get in the way at the best of times!

Since my post at…15 weeks (has it really been that long already?) I feel like not much in terms of my pregnancy has changed.  I mean, I’m used to reading all these weekly pregnancy blog posts where people seem to be experiencing new and different and exciting things every week.  But really, I feel like really, not a lot is changing for me. Sure, hubby and I got the bargain of a lifetime in a furniture clearance – a cot (crib for the Americans out there?) which converts to a toddler bed for just $99 (way less than half price!), and we found somewhere to buy a mattress for the cradle we are using which I slept in as a baby, which shouldn’t have been as difficult as it was but I suppose it must not be a standard size any more.  But major pregnancy stuff?  I thought I was feeling the baby moving a bit for a while there but now I’m not so sure.  I’m definitely wearing out more easily when I work a full day at work (the 10 hour shifts are a little rough, especially standing all day), and I get funny aches and pains in my tummy.  But I don’t know.  I thought stuff was supposed to change and shift faster than this.  

I think I’m lucky though.  There are two other girls at work expecting babies, and we’re roughly due within about a month of each other, and these two girls seem to be doing it tougher than I am.  So I must be lucky.  Pregnancy really hasn’t thrown anything too tough to handle at me so far – knock on wood! I would really REALLY like to feel baby moving a bit more soon though.  Most ladies seem to feel their little ones start moving around this point, right?  Though since I’m a bit bigger, and also since the u/s tech said the placenta seems to be anterior (at 13 weeks), maybe it will still be a while.  We shall see.

The exciting thing for this week is that I’m going for my anatomy scan, which means – unless bubs doesn’t cooperate – I should be able to find out if baby is a boy or a girl.  And once we know, I know that the crocheting hooks are going to start getting a workout (whatever would I do if I wasn’t having a winter baby?).  I am super excited to find out.

I’m also feeling a bit ashamed to admit that I kind of hope baby is a girl.  Of course I will love whoever shows up — of course! But I suppose I always imagined myself having a little girl first.  I feel like it’s kind of tradition – I am an oldest daughter, my mum is an oldest daughter, my nanna is an oldest daughter, and so was my great grandmother! I know that you’re supposed to say that as long as baby is healthy and happy, it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl.  And truly, it doesn’t.  But a part of me really wants that little girl.  

In two days I go for that scan.  And I know that whether I come out knowing that I am growing my baby girl or my baby boy, I’ll be the happiest mum-to-be on the planet.  And until then, I’ll keep wondering and being excited, and scared, and nervous, and looking forward to the life changing moment when I can call my baby my son or my daughter!

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10 Gender Prediction Old Wives Tales

In just a few weeks’ time, I’ll be able to find out (hopefully!) if the baby growing inside me is a boy or a girl.  And call me silly, but I just don’t know if I can wait that long! Not knowing is just about killing me, so I thought it might be fun to google a bunch of the old wives’ tales that are supposed to predict the gender of your unborn child and see if any kind of trend emerged – and then see in a few weeks if it’s right or not!

1.One of the first tales I heard was about baby’s heart rate. This one suggests that if your baby’s heart rate is under 140bpm it’s a boy and if it’s over 140bpm it’s a girl.  I don’t know about this one, since I know for sure that all babies’ heart rates will fluctuate pretty wildly, but it’s a bit of fun.  According to this one, baby is a girl with a heart rate of 152 at the ultrasound that I have had so far.

2. Morning sickness.  Apparently if you have morning sickness, you’re having a little girl, but if you haven’t been hit with it, you’re carrying a little boy.  According to this one, baby is a boy.  I was very lucky on the morning sickness front!

3. Breasts – According to this wives tale, if your left breast is larger, you are having a girl, and if your right is larger, you are having a boy.  By this test, my bub should be a girl.

4. Which side do you sleep on? – If it’s the left,  baby is a boy.  If it’s the right, baby is a girl.  I don’t know what happens if you flip around, or sleep on your back!! Mostly I tend to sleep on my right hand side (I think this is really because my right ear is the one I can hear out of, so if I sleep on that one I’m less easily disturbed) so it should be a girl!

5. According to the mayans, baby’s gender can be predicted by the year of conception and the mother’s age at conception.  If both numbers are either odd or even, it’s a girl, and if one number is odd and the other ids even, it’s a boy.  If this is true, baby is a boy!

6. The traditional chinese birth chart.  This one uses the mother’s age at conception and the month of conception to predict the gender.  Here’s a link to one if you’d like to try it for yourself! For me it predicts a baby girl

7. If someone asks you to show you their hands, if you present them palms up, you’re expecting a girl.  Palms down, a boy.  For me – judging by my instinct – I would be expecting a girl.

8. If you dream about your baby being a girl, your baby will actually be a boy.  And if you dream of it being a boy, then it will be a girl.  But what happens when my crazy dreams have me breast feeding a kitten???? For this one, it’s unknown.

9. If your areolas have darkened during pregnancy, you are having a boy, and if not, it’s said to be a girl.  So far for me, that would mean I was having a girl, but I suppose that still has plenty of time to change!

10. Cravings – if you crave salty/savoury foods, then bubs is a boy, and if you crave sweet foods, then bub is a girl.  I’m not sure where this leaves me.  I have craved both salty and sweet at different times, and occasionally together.  Most often though, I’ve been craving salty so I will go with boy.

So the outcome of this lot of old wives’ tales?  3 say boy, 6 say girl, and the remaining one is undecided.  My initial feeling was that baby would be a girl, which then swung the other way, and now I just don’t know! Only the ultrasound in a few weeks’ time will be able to tell us with any certainty!

What do the old wives tales tell you?  What are some other fun old wives’ tales to try?

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Not The Best Day

I’ve been gone for a couple of days because life has turned crazy – yet again.  I was supposed to work a ten hour shift on Sunday, but within two minutes of getting onto my lunch break (before I even had time for a bathroom break, may I add), I got the most terrifying phone call of my life.  It was my husband, and I couldn’t understand anything he was saying.  He could barely string two words together, and the only word I can think of is terrifying.  I had never heard him like this.  He is always the calm, cool and collected one.  If anyone is going to panic in a situation, it’s going to be me.  So to hear him so shaken, so scared, so incoherent, was something I never expected, and certainly never thought I was going to hear.  And then he managed to get a sentence out.  

“I’ve had a car accident.  It’s bad.  The car is written off.  Come and get me the f*** out of here”.  Well,  a couple of sentences.  My heart stopped.  I ran back into my workplace and told them I was leaving and I didn’t think I’d be back for the day.  I raced out of the building and to my car, ready to leave.  At which point I realised that I had no idea where my husband was.  I asked him when he rang me but I don’t think he really heard.  I rang him again and again, but I think at this point the EMT’s might have been checking him out.  

I was in such a state of panic I rang my parents, hoping they might be closer to where he was – he was on his way to work and we only live a few minutes’ drive from my parents.  I managed to reach their mobile, and they headed out to look for my husband while I kept trying to reach him.  Eventually I got onto him, and found out where he was and headed to the scene.  

A very tense half hour’s drive later, I arrived.  It was a moment I don’t think I’ll ever forget.  Police cars stopped, lights flashing. Firefighters on the road, directing traffic, clearing mess, hoses at the ready.  Ambulance parked, doors open.  Traffic cones spread out across the highway.  Tow trucks at the ready to haul the cars away (though it turns out only my husband’s car was damaged to the point of no return).  It was like a scene from a movie and I had no idea what was happening.  As I ran from my car, I realised that my parents were already there, and I calmed significantly upon seeing my husband apparently not doing too badly, giving his side of the story to a police officer.  I spent some time there just waiting and taking it in.  

It was only when I saw the car that I realised just how lucky we were that my husband is still with us, that the accident didn’t take his life. The passenger side of his car was crumpled.  The windscreen shattered, one wheel hanging off and flattened.  The gearbox seized between two gears and parts of the engine were spilling out of the wreckage in all directions.  My husband says he was in the right hand land (Australia, remember!) overtaking a car when he came up to another car which was going slowly.  As he approached the back corner of this car, it turned across his lane as if it was going to do a U-turn (across four lanes, without indicating, on double lines, I might add).  My  husband could not slow down or stop in time – he was in a 100km an hour zone, travelling close to the speed limit.  His car hit the side of the other car at full speed.  It spun and slid across the road, landing in the traffic going in the other direction.  I feel so lucky to still have my husband, and so lucky that my baby will still have his or her father.  

We are also lucky that the car behind my husband was our next door neighbour, who stopped and stayed with my husband until help arrived, left her phone number, and agreed to speak with the police as a witness.  She says it was clear that the car in front of my husband hadn’t indicated and basically that what happened couldn’t have been my husband’s fault – that it was irresponsible and negligent driving on the part of the driver in front.  I only hope that the police see it our way.  We’re still waiting on a ruling on who was at fault.

We might only have one car to get us around now.  Which is tricky, since we both work a half hour commute from home, with no public transport available.  We might have some fines to deal with.  I don’t know.  But I do know that I will never take for granted again that other drivers on the road will be doing the right thing if I am.  I know that I will never take for granted the fact that my husband is here with me.  I will never take for granted the fact that my baby has his or her father in their life.  I will appreciate every moment that we have.  Maybe I haven’t written the most thrilling or exciting blog post ever written, but I have made some pretty important realisations in my life.  And I think that’s maybe a lot more important than writing the best blog on earth. 

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Pregnancy Musings at 15 Weeks

Since this is the first week that I am blogging since getting pregnant, I suppose I have some catching up to do.

We found out on the 6th of November, I was around about 6 weeks along but I had been suspecting for a little while for a few reasons – Firstly, my boobs had grown and were really sore – something that never happens to me, ever.  Before a period or otherwise.  Secondly, my period was late.  It was day 46 of my cycle when I finally broke down and tested.  BUT the previous month’s cycle was 43 days long, so I don’t think this was too far out of range.  Though I wonder if the previous month may have actually been a chemical pregnancy.  But that’s neither here nor there.  I was unreasonably tired.  And – and this may have been my biggest hint – I just had a “feeling”.

It was a terrifying day.  As much as I wanted a baby, I also knew that this probably wasn’t the best time for us, in all practicality.  My husband and I spent that day just scared out of our minds.  And we stayed that way for a long time.  Gradually, the fear has been giving way to excitement, and there has definitely always been happiness!

My first trimester was pretty good – I was very lucky as far as symptoms go.  I had next to no morning sickness, and I just kept on waiting for it!  I was however incredibly tired.  ALL. THE. TIME.  My breasts HURT.  Lots.  And grew – by 8 weeks I was up at least a cup size, and soon I only had one bra that even kind of fit.  I had a BUNCH of hot flashes.  It’s summer here, so it’s already hot, but even on mild days, I literally felt like my face was burning off, and I was dizzy and just felt horrible with that.  And something I really wasn’t expecting was the low blood pressure.  My blood pressure has always been on the low side, but once I was pregnant, I found that if I stood still for more than a few minutes, especially if I hadn’t had something to eat or drink for a while, I would get super, super dizzy, lightheaded, start seeing spots and just be sure I was going to pass out.  As long as I was well hydrated and kept moving I was ok!

This trimester, I have really not had a huge change in symptoms.  I was SO looking forward to that boost in energy but so far it has remained elusive.  Seriously.  It’s all lies.  I go to work, I come home, I collapse on the couch because I seriously cannot go on.  I’m asleep every night by 9.  And I can sleep in until 9 or later the next morning given opportunity.  And I will still be tired.  I’m calling BS on the second trimester energy burst, at least for me.

Since I have come into the second trimester, I have found my skin is starting to break out, although I really thought that was supposed to be clearing up by now.

Baby brain is a very very very real thing.  I’m finding that especially at work, things are just slipping my mind that really shouldn’t be.  The other day I asked someone where the stapler was.  It was IN MY HAND.  They must have thought I was crazy.  It’s not very good!

Just in the last few nights I’ve found myself not sleeping well.  I don’t really know why.  It isn’t like I’m too hot, too cold, uncomfortable or anything like that.  I just can’t sleep.  Very strange.

I feel like I’m being so negative, but I suppose the biggest positive is that other than those few things I’ve mentioned, I really feel completely normal.  My husband is being so supportive and helpful.  I love him a lot!! He is just fantastic.

And – I know it’s super early – but yesterday, my parents pulled the cradle I slept in out of the roof for us so as soon as I get T to put that together I’ll post photos!  We still have to buy a mattress, I think it might not be a standard size any more, but we’ll work it out.  It’s so exciting!  And not that long until we can find out if it’s a boy or girl! It really is all super exciting!!

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