Storm In A B-Cup

Pregnancy Musings at 15 Weeks

on February 1, 2014

Since this is the first week that I am blogging since getting pregnant, I suppose I have some catching up to do.

We found out on the 6th of November, I was around about 6 weeks along but I had been suspecting for a little while for a few reasons – Firstly, my boobs had grown and were really sore – something that never happens to me, ever.  Before a period or otherwise.  Secondly, my period was late.  It was day 46 of my cycle when I finally broke down and tested.  BUT the previous month’s cycle was 43 days long, so I don’t think this was too far out of range.  Though I wonder if the previous month may have actually been a chemical pregnancy.  But that’s neither here nor there.  I was unreasonably tired.  And – and this may have been my biggest hint – I just had a “feeling”.

It was a terrifying day.  As much as I wanted a baby, I also knew that this probably wasn’t the best time for us, in all practicality.  My husband and I spent that day just scared out of our minds.  And we stayed that way for a long time.  Gradually, the fear has been giving way to excitement, and there has definitely always been happiness!

My first trimester was pretty good – I was very lucky as far as symptoms go.  I had next to no morning sickness, and I just kept on waiting for it!  I was however incredibly tired.  ALL. THE. TIME.  My breasts HURT.  Lots.  And grew – by 8 weeks I was up at least a cup size, and soon I only had one bra that even kind of fit.  I had a BUNCH of hot flashes.  It’s summer here, so it’s already hot, but even on mild days, I literally felt like my face was burning off, and I was dizzy and just felt horrible with that.  And something I really wasn’t expecting was the low blood pressure.  My blood pressure has always been on the low side, but once I was pregnant, I found that if I stood still for more than a few minutes, especially if I hadn’t had something to eat or drink for a while, I would get super, super dizzy, lightheaded, start seeing spots and just be sure I was going to pass out.  As long as I was well hydrated and kept moving I was ok!

This trimester, I have really not had a huge change in symptoms.  I was SO looking forward to that boost in energy but so far it has remained elusive.  Seriously.  It’s all lies.  I go to work, I come home, I collapse on the couch because I seriously cannot go on.  I’m asleep every night by 9.  And I can sleep in until 9 or later the next morning given opportunity.  And I will still be tired.  I’m calling BS on the second trimester energy burst, at least for me.

Since I have come into the second trimester, I have found my skin is starting to break out, although I really thought that was supposed to be clearing up by now.

Baby brain is a very very very real thing.  I’m finding that especially at work, things are just slipping my mind that really shouldn’t be.  The other day I asked someone where the stapler was.  It was IN MY HAND.  They must have thought I was crazy.  It’s not very good!

Just in the last few nights I’ve found myself not sleeping well.  I don’t really know why.  It isn’t like I’m too hot, too cold, uncomfortable or anything like that.  I just can’t sleep.  Very strange.

I feel like I’m being so negative, but I suppose the biggest positive is that other than those few things I’ve mentioned, I really feel completely normal.  My husband is being so supportive and helpful.  I love him a lot!! He is just fantastic.

And – I know it’s super early – but yesterday, my parents pulled the cradle I slept in out of the roof for us so as soon as I get T to put that together I’ll post photos!  We still have to buy a mattress, I think it might not be a standard size any more, but we’ll work it out.  It’s so exciting!  And not that long until we can find out if it’s a boy or girl! It really is all super exciting!!


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