Storm In A B-Cup

Not The Best Day

on February 5, 2014

I’ve been gone for a couple of days because life has turned crazy – yet again.  I was supposed to work a ten hour shift on Sunday, but within two minutes of getting onto my lunch break (before I even had time for a bathroom break, may I add), I got the most terrifying phone call of my life.  It was my husband, and I couldn’t understand anything he was saying.  He could barely string two words together, and the only word I can think of is terrifying.  I had never heard him like this.  He is always the calm, cool and collected one.  If anyone is going to panic in a situation, it’s going to be me.  So to hear him so shaken, so scared, so incoherent, was something I never expected, and certainly never thought I was going to hear.  And then he managed to get a sentence out.  

“I’ve had a car accident.  It’s bad.  The car is written off.  Come and get me the f*** out of here”.  Well,  a couple of sentences.  My heart stopped.  I ran back into my workplace and told them I was leaving and I didn’t think I’d be back for the day.  I raced out of the building and to my car, ready to leave.  At which point I realised that I had no idea where my husband was.  I asked him when he rang me but I don’t think he really heard.  I rang him again and again, but I think at this point the EMT’s might have been checking him out.  

I was in such a state of panic I rang my parents, hoping they might be closer to where he was – he was on his way to work and we only live a few minutes’ drive from my parents.  I managed to reach their mobile, and they headed out to look for my husband while I kept trying to reach him.  Eventually I got onto him, and found out where he was and headed to the scene.  

A very tense half hour’s drive later, I arrived.  It was a moment I don’t think I’ll ever forget.  Police cars stopped, lights flashing. Firefighters on the road, directing traffic, clearing mess, hoses at the ready.  Ambulance parked, doors open.  Traffic cones spread out across the highway.  Tow trucks at the ready to haul the cars away (though it turns out only my husband’s car was damaged to the point of no return).  It was like a scene from a movie and I had no idea what was happening.  As I ran from my car, I realised that my parents were already there, and I calmed significantly upon seeing my husband apparently not doing too badly, giving his side of the story to a police officer.  I spent some time there just waiting and taking it in.  

It was only when I saw the car that I realised just how lucky we were that my husband is still with us, that the accident didn’t take his life. The passenger side of his car was crumpled.  The windscreen shattered, one wheel hanging off and flattened.  The gearbox seized between two gears and parts of the engine were spilling out of the wreckage in all directions.  My husband says he was in the right hand land (Australia, remember!) overtaking a car when he came up to another car which was going slowly.  As he approached the back corner of this car, it turned across his lane as if it was going to do a U-turn (across four lanes, without indicating, on double lines, I might add).  My  husband could not slow down or stop in time – he was in a 100km an hour zone, travelling close to the speed limit.  His car hit the side of the other car at full speed.  It spun and slid across the road, landing in the traffic going in the other direction.  I feel so lucky to still have my husband, and so lucky that my baby will still have his or her father.  

We are also lucky that the car behind my husband was our next door neighbour, who stopped and stayed with my husband until help arrived, left her phone number, and agreed to speak with the police as a witness.  She says it was clear that the car in front of my husband hadn’t indicated and basically that what happened couldn’t have been my husband’s fault – that it was irresponsible and negligent driving on the part of the driver in front.  I only hope that the police see it our way.  We’re still waiting on a ruling on who was at fault.

We might only have one car to get us around now.  Which is tricky, since we both work a half hour commute from home, with no public transport available.  We might have some fines to deal with.  I don’t know.  But I do know that I will never take for granted again that other drivers on the road will be doing the right thing if I am.  I know that I will never take for granted the fact that my husband is here with me.  I will never take for granted the fact that my baby has his or her father in their life.  I will appreciate every moment that we have.  Maybe I haven’t written the most thrilling or exciting blog post ever written, but I have made some pretty important realisations in my life.  And I think that’s maybe a lot more important than writing the best blog on earth. 


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