Storm In A B-Cup

18 Weeks and This Week is The Week!

on February 24, 2014

So today I am 18 weeks and 2 days pregnant and of course, managed NOT to post every day as I wanted to (I know, BAD blogger!).  But I’m going to press on and this time not make any promises to myself about “posting every day” or any such nonsense.  I love blogging, but as we all know, life tends to get in the way at the best of times!

Since my post at…15 weeks (has it really been that long already?) I feel like not much in terms of my pregnancy has changed.  I mean, I’m used to reading all these weekly pregnancy blog posts where people seem to be experiencing new and different and exciting things every week.  But really, I feel like really, not a lot is changing for me. Sure, hubby and I got the bargain of a lifetime in a furniture clearance – a cot (crib for the Americans out there?) which converts to a toddler bed for just $99 (way less than half price!), and we found somewhere to buy a mattress for the cradle we are using which I slept in as a baby, which shouldn’t have been as difficult as it was but I suppose it must not be a standard size any more.  But major pregnancy stuff?  I thought I was feeling the baby moving a bit for a while there but now I’m not so sure.  I’m definitely wearing out more easily when I work a full day at work (the 10 hour shifts are a little rough, especially standing all day), and I get funny aches and pains in my tummy.  But I don’t know.  I thought stuff was supposed to change and shift faster than this.  

I think I’m lucky though.  There are two other girls at work expecting babies, and we’re roughly due within about a month of each other, and these two girls seem to be doing it tougher than I am.  So I must be lucky.  Pregnancy really hasn’t thrown anything too tough to handle at me so far – knock on wood! I would really REALLY like to feel baby moving a bit more soon though.  Most ladies seem to feel their little ones start moving around this point, right?  Though since I’m a bit bigger, and also since the u/s tech said the placenta seems to be anterior (at 13 weeks), maybe it will still be a while.  We shall see.

The exciting thing for this week is that I’m going for my anatomy scan, which means – unless bubs doesn’t cooperate – I should be able to find out if baby is a boy or a girl.  And once we know, I know that the crocheting hooks are going to start getting a workout (whatever would I do if I wasn’t having a winter baby?).  I am super excited to find out.

I’m also feeling a bit ashamed to admit that I kind of hope baby is a girl.  Of course I will love whoever shows up — of course! But I suppose I always imagined myself having a little girl first.  I feel like it’s kind of tradition – I am an oldest daughter, my mum is an oldest daughter, my nanna is an oldest daughter, and so was my great grandmother! I know that you’re supposed to say that as long as baby is healthy and happy, it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl.  And truly, it doesn’t.  But a part of me really wants that little girl.  

In two days I go for that scan.  And I know that whether I come out knowing that I am growing my baby girl or my baby boy, I’ll be the happiest mum-to-be on the planet.  And until then, I’ll keep wondering and being excited, and scared, and nervous, and looking forward to the life changing moment when I can call my baby my son or my daughter!


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