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10 Gender Prediction Old Wives Tales

In just a few weeks’ time, I’ll be able to find out (hopefully!) if the baby growing inside me is a boy or a girl.  And call me silly, but I just don’t know if I can wait that long! Not knowing is just about killing me, so I thought it might be fun to google a bunch of the old wives’ tales that are supposed to predict the gender of your unborn child and see if any kind of trend emerged – and then see in a few weeks if it’s right or not!

1.One of the first tales I heard was about baby’s heart rate. This one suggests that if your baby’s heart rate is under 140bpm it’s a boy and if it’s over 140bpm it’s a girl.  I don’t know about this one, since I know for sure that all babies’ heart rates will fluctuate pretty wildly, but it’s a bit of fun.  According to this one, baby is a girl with a heart rate of 152 at the ultrasound that I have had so far.

2. Morning sickness.  Apparently if you have morning sickness, you’re having a little girl, but if you haven’t been hit with it, you’re carrying a little boy.  According to this one, baby is a boy.  I was very lucky on the morning sickness front!

3. Breasts – According to this wives tale, if your left breast is larger, you are having a girl, and if your right is larger, you are having a boy.  By this test, my bub should be a girl.

4. Which side do you sleep on? – If it’s the left,  baby is a boy.  If it’s the right, baby is a girl.  I don’t know what happens if you flip around, or sleep on your back!! Mostly I tend to sleep on my right hand side (I think this is really because my right ear is the one I can hear out of, so if I sleep on that one I’m less easily disturbed) so it should be a girl!

5. According to the mayans, baby’s gender can be predicted by the year of conception and the mother’s age at conception.  If both numbers are either odd or even, it’s a girl, and if one number is odd and the other ids even, it’s a boy.  If this is true, baby is a boy!

6. The traditional chinese birth chart.  This one uses the mother’s age at conception and the month of conception to predict the gender.  Here’s a link to one if you’d like to try it for yourself! For me it predicts a baby girl

7. If someone asks you to show you their hands, if you present them palms up, you’re expecting a girl.  Palms down, a boy.  For me – judging by my instinct – I would be expecting a girl.

8. If you dream about your baby being a girl, your baby will actually be a boy.  And if you dream of it being a boy, then it will be a girl.  But what happens when my crazy dreams have me breast feeding a kitten???? For this one, it’s unknown.

9. If your areolas have darkened during pregnancy, you are having a boy, and if not, it’s said to be a girl.  So far for me, that would mean I was having a girl, but I suppose that still has plenty of time to change!

10. Cravings – if you crave salty/savoury foods, then bubs is a boy, and if you crave sweet foods, then bub is a girl.  I’m not sure where this leaves me.  I have craved both salty and sweet at different times, and occasionally together.  Most often though, I’ve been craving salty so I will go with boy.

So the outcome of this lot of old wives’ tales?  3 say boy, 6 say girl, and the remaining one is undecided.  My initial feeling was that baby would be a girl, which then swung the other way, and now I just don’t know! Only the ultrasound in a few weeks’ time will be able to tell us with any certainty!

What do the old wives tales tell you?  What are some other fun old wives’ tales to try?

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Trying To Conceive Acronyms Demystified

When I said in my last post that I had been doing “a little reading”, I may have been exaggerating. Quite a lot. I am one of those people who totally immerses themselves in something, and one who feels most in control when they know everything they can possibly find out about a topic.

With that said, I can also say that I found myself deep in a part of the internet that has a strong, strong community and what seems like a language of its own. This language seems mostly to consist of strange acronyms, and I spent a long time trying to decipher and learn the proper meanings of many of them. So today I am sharing this list of acronyms with you in the hope that it might help someone like me who feels a bit lost in the online world of trying to conceive. The list is in no particular order, but I have tried to start with the most simple/common acronyms and work my way to the more complex.

TTC: trying to conceive (obvious, but stay with me)

AF: Aunt Flo – in other words, a period.

BD: the Baby Dance, or sex.

TWW: the Two Week Wait, this is the time between ovulation and when your period is due, when you are waiting – to test or for your period to start.

BFP: big fat positive (in relation to a pregnancy test

BFN: big fat negative (also in relation to a pregnancy test)

CD-: cycle day, followed by the number day of a person’s cycle

-DPO: number of days past ovulation. Most women wait at until at least 12DPO to take a pregnancy test, as this is about the earliest in a cycle you can reliably expect a test to be correct.

CM: cervical mucus. Tracking the state of your cervical mucus throughout your cycle can be a good way to help determine when you are most fertile.

EWCM: Egg white cervical mucus. This is considered the most fertile type of cervical mucus, it had much the same consistency of egg white (hence the name), and enables sperm to enter the uterus most easily. Watery cervical mucus is also considered fertile.

POAS: to pee on a stick, or take a urine pregnancy test.

HPT: home pregnancy test

FMU: first morning urine. Many pregnancy tests suggest that testing with FMU will give the most accurate results.

SMU: second morning urine. Many OPKs suggest testing with SMU for best results.

OPKS: Ovulation predictor kit. Test strips that can help to determine when a woman is ovulating based on her LH levels.

LH: Luteinizing hormone. This hormone surges in a woman’s body around (usually within 12-24 hours before) ovulation, and OPKs detect this surge.

FF: Fertility Friend, a website and app that many women use to track their cycle in order to be most aware of their fertility. There are many other apps and websites around, but this seems to be one of the most widely used.

NTNP: Not trying, not preventing

SMEP: sperm meets egg plan, a plan that many swear by for conception. You can read more about it here.

HCG: human chorionic gonadotropin. This is the pregnancy hormone that HPTs read. HCG will steadily increase at the start of pregnancy, and once it reaches a certain level, a urine test will read positive. A small number of women do not metabolize this hormone correctly and so will consistently get negative pregnancy tests, regardless of whether they are actually pregnant or not.

SO: significant other. Also DH (dear husband), DW (dear wife), DD (dear daughter), DS (dear son), etc.

MC: Miscarrage

CP: chemical pregnancy. A pregnancy that could be detected using an HPT but which ends before it could be detected by ultrasound etc.

LO: Little one

LP: Luteal phase. The part of your menstrual cycle between ovulation and menstruation – otherwise known as the TWW! Most women, even those with an irregular cycle, will have a LP of a consistent length.

Some acronyms more related to infertility:
RE: reproductive endocrinologist

IVF: in vitro fertilisation

SA: semen analysis

MFI: Male factor infertility

These seem to be some of the more common acronyms that I have come across, let me know if I have missed any glaringly obvious ones and I’ll add them right in 🙂

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5 Things That Are Making Me Happy Today #5

As I struggle to get used to blogging from my phone (ugh), I thought a good post to do today might be a continuation of my “5 Things That Are Making Me Happy Today” series (haha the word series used here is laughable!). So here goes.

1. That I am getting back into blogging after a long-ish break

2. That T and I finally have a house again!

3. That as of next week I will have a car of my own again and can stop relying so much on trains.

4. Our fence on one side of the house is being replaced and it looks so much better.

5. I got season 6 of The Big Bang Theory on DVD this week so I got to actually see the episodes! The DVD was just released here in Australia and I seriously loved the season!

What is making you happy today?

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5 Things That Are Making Me Happy Today #4

It has been WAY too long since I have posted. I don’t even know how long it has been. Seriously. Too long. But anyway, I thought I would ease myself back into posting with a “5 Things” post.

1. I have the most AMAZING placement for my nursing degree this semester, four weeks in a maternity unit. Pure bliss.

2. Today T and I have been married for 6 months.

3. The midwives I have been working with this week said today that they think I will be a great midwife (you know, after I finish nursing and then postgrad study for midwifery)

4. I have been at the deliveries of 3 babies this week, and actively assisted with 2. And loved every minute.

5. I have been learning how to crochet lots of new and different things and they are all awesome 😛

Those are my 5 for this week, what are yours?

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10 Things from Books I Wish Were Real

You may (or may not) have gathered that I love reading.  Adore reading.  Almost never stop reading.  Especially fantasy and sci fi.  Almost every time I read a new book, I find myself coveting something in that book, wishing it were real.  Here are my top 10 items from books that I wish were real.

1. Hermione’s beaded bag, from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  That would be the handbag to end all handbags (I also have a fascination with handbags)

2. “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” from the series of the same name.  Seriously.  You would never need another reference book again.

3. On the same vein – their spaceship is also quite incredible.

4. Charter Marks from the Old Kingdom Chronicles (by Garth Nix – check them out, really good books).  I’m cheating a little on this one.  Technically this isn’t an item, it’s a form of magic.  But it’s very cool and governed by a specific folk lore.  And also very useful.

5. The tent that Harry and co. camp in at the Quidditch World Cup (and later in the Deathly Hallows book).  If I had a tent like that, maybe I could manage camping.  Maybe.

6. Pretty much all of Fred and George’s inventions – also from Harry Potter (noticing a theme?), because we all need a good laugh.

7. Genetic testing, like what is available in a book called “The Terminator Gene” (I think…I read it a long time ago).  I know we’re kind of close to inventing something like this, and also that the ethics are a little questionable.  But I can’t help think of all the lives that could be saved if we could perform genetic testing and predict – and prevent – the occurence of diseases like cancer.

8. Also from Harry Potter – the Marauder’s Map.  But not of Hogwarts.  Unless Hogwarts was also real.  Which, duh, would be awesome.

9. The Babel Fish, from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  What an awesome way for everyone to understand each other!  The beginning of world peace?  Maybe not.  But still.  Awesome.

1o. And one last thing from Harry Potter (ok, ok, I’m a huge fan.  So what! haha).  Who could go past the temptation of an Invisibility Cloak?  Of all the three Deathly Hallows, that would be the one I would choose.

What do you wish we had in real life from your favourite books?

PS.  I’ve asked T to write a post for the blog, since he was curious about what the whole “blogging” thing was all about.  He’s been furiously typing away over there, so I’m pretty sure that post will be up tonight.  Be ready for it, he’s much much much funnier than I am (something that wouldn’t be hard at all!).  And maybe he’ll decide to write his own blog out of it.  We’ll see.  So stay tuned!


5 Things That Are Making Me Happy Today #2

I’ve decided that today is the day to continue my “tradition” (if it could be so called) of a 5 Things That Are Making Me Happy Today post, since this week I’ve been feeling kind of down. It’s been a bit of a struggle to come up with the 5 today, but I think it’s been good for me.  The point is to help me to see the positives in life when it isn’t so easy.

1. I renewed my First Aid/CPR certificate today.  And I remembered most of it from the course 3 years ago (haha, well either that or my nursing degree – seems a bit pointless to have both, but what the uni requires goes!)

2. My bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding came today, and it pretty much fits.  She chose something off eBay, coming from China and the sizes looked really weird – and were.  So I ordered the biggest, which claimed to be a US 16 but is more like a 12, and since it laces up the back, the only spot that’s masses too big is the chest, so I can have that taken in.  And the length taken up.  So, success!

3. My electric blanket!  This makes me happy all. the. time.  It is starting to get cooler here, and it is just lovely to climb into a pre-warmed bed!

4. Chocolate.  Again, always a winner.  Also: not good for my diet.  BUT, my hormones don’t care, so chocolate it is.  In semi-copious amounts.

5. We didn’t get the house, but it turns out it was a bit of a pile of rubbish of a house anyway.  The back fence was about four feet from the back door.  Not cool for the puppy.  So working out for the best right now. 


What’s making you happy today? 

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5 Things That Are Making Me Happy Today

Things haven’t been great for the hubby and I lately – it seems that we are just out of luck, especially financially.  So, prompted by the “glass half empty/half full” daily post prompt, I have decided that it is time to make a point on focussing on the positive rather than the negative.  This post, which I hope to do a few times a week (or more realistically, probably once a week) is intended to make me find the positives in life. So here goes:

1. Our financial position is slowly but surely improving, to the point where we can start looking for a house to rent.

2. On the same note, we think we have FOUND a house that is reasonably priced, in a good location and most importantly that will let us have our dog with us.  Now we just have to apply and cross our fingers (and PRAY!)

3. My clothes are starting to fit me better, which means I must be losing weight (I’m too scared to get on the scales!)

4. T might just have a new job on the horizon (within a couple of weeks) but in the meantime our government financial assistance has FINALLY kicked in

5. My camera is working again, which means I can spend some time learning to take good photos.


What’s making you happy today? 

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Podcasts I Listen To

Podcasts are pretty much my favourite thing to listen to when I’m driving, exercising, doing housework and last thing at night when I go to sleep (I absolutely cannot fall asleep in silence, it makes me scared I’m losing what’s left of my hearing).  There are a few I listen to regularly and I thought I’d share them.

1. Stuff Mom Never Told You.  This is a podcast from How Stuff Works, and the content is generally focused around womens’ issues and topics designed to interest women.  The presenters are witty, and I generally learn something new when I listen to the podcast.

2. Hamish and Andy. Two of Australia’s top comedians, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee present a daily radio show, and this is the podcast of that show.  They are very funny, discuss relevant topics and are a lot of fun to listen to.

3. Stuff To Blow Your Mind.  Another How Stuff Works podcast, this one more science based (the podcast originated as Stuff from the Science Lab).  Topics range from modern invention through scientific phenomenons, human biology, historic science and more.  As I’m a bit of a science nerd, this podcast really appeals to me

4. Stuff You Should Know. Can you tell I’m a bit of a how stuff works fan yet? I love learning new things, and listening to these half-hour long (ish) podcasts is a good way to learn all kinds of trivia kind of things.  Nothing huge, but it’s nice to have something to distract the mind while you’re doing something else!  This podcast is more general interest based.  The topics vary wildly, and are usually at least semi-interesting

5. TED Radio Hour.  TED talks podcasted.  Topics vary, and are more in depth and intellectually based than the how stuff works podcasts.

6. Fifi and Jules.  Another Australian daily radio show.  The hosts are funny and talk about relevant day to day topics.  Good for a listen when you don’t want to be intellectually stimulated.

7. Kyle and Jackie O.  A third daily Australian radio show.  Kyle Sandilands is known as a very – controversial – type of person.  He tends to stir up drama.  This is definitely a casual listen type of podcast.

I hope I’ve given you something new to check out!

Thanks for visiting!!

Nat xx

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