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Back again, Hopefully to stay (?)

It has been so so so so long since I posted, yet again. Last time I posted, I believe I was about 19 weeks into my pregnancy and about to find out baby’s gender.  Now, I have the most beautiful 4 month old baby on the PLANET, and my life has changed in the most unbelievable ways.

I want to make a bunch of updates, but it’s far far far too much to put into a single post so for now, I’ll write just the most important stuff, perhaps just some of the rest of my pregnancy and then my next post might be the birth story which I have been just dying to share, but only now feeling ready to talk about, since it was such a traumatic experience for me – and baby – unfortunately.

As at the last post, I was going to find out baby’s gender in the next few days or week, and I was so so excited.  Ever since I was a little girl, I “knew” that my first baby was going to be a girl, and when I became pregnant that feeling only intensified. Up until I found out the gender though, I tried to make sure not to get my hopes up as of course I would love whoever arrived in my arms, as long as he or she was healthy and happy. As we drew closer to the exciting day of the ultrasound, I had myself almost utterly convinced that I was having a little boy, and my husband and I even had a name picked out for our future son while we were very up in the air about girl names.

On the day of the scan I drank my mandatory 1.5L of water and we drove to the clinic half an hour away. When we were told that the tech was running about 45 minutes late, I was a little beside myself – I don’t know how I made it that long without wetting myself. The scan went very well, although bub was measuring a little early at this point, and as such they had a little trouble getting all of the pictures they needed. I tried not to be too pushy about the gender, but I think I still asked…oh, maybe 4 or 5 times? At the end, the tech told me that she was 98% sure that baby was a girl, and I was so shocked and happy, and excited all at once, I think I was floating for about a week afterwards.

That day we bought our very first baby outfit and made our little facebook gender announcement. Ironically, the onesie we bought that day, baby girl G never wore once, we ended up with SO MUCH stuff for her!

I had a wonderful pregnancy for the most part, however ended up finishing work a month earlier than I had planned when I developed severe SPD. I battled through for a few weeks but ended up stopping work at about 32 weeks, when I started not only having a lot of trouble with SPD but having consistent, painful braxton hicks contractions as soon as I was on my feet for any longer than about an hour at a time.

So much else happened throughout the course of my pregnancy, and I really wish I had kept blogging throughout so that I could have everything documented but I know now that if I tried to write about it all, it would be a huge convoluted mess, so I won’t even try – I’ll skip from here to the labour and birth story, which begins at 37 weeks and 4 days. But first I’ll share a couple of pregnancy photos – I couldn’t resist!

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My Camera


Finally I have my camera working again, and I am endeavouring to learn how to use it.  It is a long process, and I hope something that I can learn by practice, because I tell you, my photos are decidedly not good.  Yet.  At least, I hope they will improve because I love the idea of being able to capture special moments on film.  But right now, my pictures are mediocre at best.  But I am taking lots of them while I figure out different camera modes and how to take pictures.  I read a mini version of “Digital Photography for Dummies” type thing, and while it all sounds so simple, in practice I’m just not that good at it.  But as I keep saying (if I say it enough maybe it’ll come true?), I hope that practice makes perfect – or at least better.  I’ve been taking lots of photos of my hubby, my brother, my mum’s garden, my pretty puppy Phoebe and my brother’s new kitten, Salem (for Sabrina the Teenage Witch).  I thought I’d share a few.  Constructive criticism is not only welcome but VERY appreciated!





I'm not happy with how his eyes showed up though, I guess the light was wrong?

I’m not happy with how his eyes showed up though, I guess the light was wrong?


D 1





Dear Mum (an open Mother’s day letter)

Dear Mum,

Today it’s mother’s day (actually, yesterday was mother’s day here, but that’s a minor detail!), and since it’s also my birthday soon, and the first year I’m married, I thought I’d write you an open letter here to thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

You’re an amazing mother, the sort of mother I want to be some day.  You care for all four of your children, different (and spread around the globe) though we are.  You support all of us in whatever we want to do, even if that “what we want to do” doesn’t seem like the most sensible thing at the time.  You let us know that you don’t think it’s sensible, but then you support us through it.  Even if it goes wrong.  And yes, you told us so, but you’re still there for us.

You paid for ten years of piano lessons, and then when I wanted to quit a few weeks before my final exam, you said “fine”…and then threatened to make me pay you back for all of the lessons and the piano if I didn’t do it.  And I appreciate that.  I didn’t think I would at the time (but who does, at 16), but I ended up with a qualification that can take me anywhere and a passion for music that I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for you.

I know you and Dad struggled financially for a long time, but none of us kids ever knew it.  We never wanted for anything, even if it meant that Dad was eating baked bean sandwiches every day for lunch at work, and the dogs ate baked beans too because they were cheaper than dog food.  I thank you for putting us first, and for always providing us with everything we needed – and usually most things we wanted! – even though the going was tough.

Thankyou for putting up with taxi-ing me around for so many years to piano lessons and exams and band practices and dance lessons and musical theatre rehearsals and then for coming to the shows and volunteering to help out at front of house or backstage or in the “cafe” at intermission.  Thankyou for making me believe in myself.

And now, more than ever, thankyou for giving T and I a soft place to fall when money got bad for us.  Thankyou for being there even though you told us that if we weren’t careful with the debt this exact thing would happen.

Thankyou for helping so much with our wedding, and for supporting us in getting married, when many didn’t because they thought we were too young (we weren’t).

But most of all, thankyou for always being there.  Thankyou for being the best mum a girl could ask for.  Thankyou for teaching me to crochet, but not teaching me to cook (I’ve enjoyed figuring that out all on my own!).  Thankyou for being a super mum who even after almost 24 years is still a full time mum (who works almost full time) to all of us, but especially D (for anyone reading who isn’t mum, which – let’s face it – is anyone who is reading this, since mum doesn’t know of this blog, D has Down Syndrome and will live with mum and dad for the forseeable future).

So for everything, and then for everything else I’ve forgotten, thankyou.  From the bottom of my heart, thankyou.

I love you, mum.

Love, Nat xx

My whole family (minus one brother who was a groomsman, so was getting ready with T)

My whole family (minus one brother who was a groomsman, so was getting ready with T)




Our Wedding

Almost FOUR months ago now, T and I got married.  Most people thought we were crazy for having our wedding at the height of summer, right on top of new year, but it was absolutely beautiful.  Yes, it was hot.  It was HOT.  Especially for someone wearing a gazillion layers of tulle and a veil.  But it was perfect.  We were married in the afternoon at the beautiful St Jude’s church in the Southern Highlands of NSW (Australia), with our reception at Panorama House.  If you’re ever in the Wollongong area, I highly suggest you stop for a lunch there, the views are positively spectacular, out over the ocean – and our reception time meant that we got some daylight, through the sunset and into the night (with the city lights below). SO SO SO pretty!!

Recently we got our proofs from our photographer, Dodie at Expert Photography based in Sydney.  I am in love with our wedding photos.  They are so pretty, I just can’t stop looking at them.  I can’t wait to get some printed (apart from the few on our wall!) and enlarged and all of that.  When we have our own house.  When we have our own house, it will be FILLED with all of these pretty wedding photos.  For now, though, I want to share some with you.  It’s so hard to pick just a few!! Prepare for a HUGE gallery…I couldn’t resist.  Though…I think I did pretty well cutting down to this many from 1200 photos 😀

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