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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This isn’t a photography blog, and nor would I ever claim to be a photographer in any way shape or form, but this week’s weekly photo challenge theme made me think of a few photos from our recent honeymoon in Surfers’ Paradise and then Hamilton Island.  I decided that participating in this week’s theme might be a nice way to share a couple.

The first photo was taken at night from our hotel in Surfers’ Paradise, we were really high up (well, high up for a country girl like me!) and I just couldn’t look away from the view from the balcony.

The second is our hotel buildings from the ground, again, as a country girl I was pretty easily impressed.  And the experience that we had with the Hilton in Surfers’ Paradise (after our four hour wait for our room on the first day) was so great, I would go there time and time again if I only had the money!

The final picture is the view from the glass elevator as we travelled up to our room at Hamilton Island. The location there is so picturesque, and we just spent the whole time lounging in the pools and the ocean.  So pretty.

up 1

up 2

up 3


Sorry for the poor resolution, I had to pull these off facebook because my camera has crapped itself and I can’t get it to talk to the computer.  Ah well, such is life.

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Nat xx

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